BAD DAD, a psychological crime novel
The adage that "the rich are different from you and me" is crystallized in
BAD DAD, a novel that explores the dark side of wealth and privilege.

Surviving Cancer
What's on your mind matters. Medical treatment, in fact, works better when combined with the management of emotional distress.

Travelers: Avoid Getting Stuck on Shots
There's nothing static about disease: epidemics come and go, viruses suddenly resist treatment, new strains of malaria may require new drugs--which is why you must become knowledgeable about inoculations and carefully choose a medical professional who stays on top of current developments.

The Investor Within
While your certified financial planner is focusing upon your portfolio, a financial coach (which is what some of these professionals call themselves), could be rummaging through your psyche.

Cancer isn't for sissies: maximize your recovery by standing up and fighting back, medical experts say.
If business or pleasure takes you to exotic locales, do you know if you've been properly inoculated?
Financial psychologists can help you uncover the "why" behind your investment strategies.